Wednesday, November 16, 2005

To Steve, On His 33rd Birthday

Your name is Steven, but we call you Stu
In August of '03, I married you
You cheer me up when I feel blue
You love our nieces, and our nephews, too

You program computers like a mad crazy foo'
Even though you're 33, you laugh at jokes about poo
You wash my car so that it looks brand new
You have big hair, but it can look GQ

You're super smart, and you're good lookin', too

You're the sweetest boy that I ever knew

Happy Birthday, my Stuvey! I LOVE YOU!


sophie said...

happy birthday, steve!!

i miss you & emmie.



AzĂșcar said...

Happy Birthday Steve!

I love that wedding-related picture, it's beautiful.

Mom said...

A day to celebrate, heee haw!
Stuvey, lots of love from your mother-in-law!

Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday!

The Bunnies By The Pool

Em's Steve said...

To my sweetest Em: Thank you for such a lovely post, even if the first picture is guaranteed to scare off any new readers. Even in your blog post you are the portrait of self-sacrifice. I love you, too.

And to the others: You're pretty dope too. And long-time readers will be pleased to know that the head Bunny revealed to me that her name is Beverly.

st00t said...

Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes, Sophie! (Even if my response is a little late.) I sure had fun in Hawaii with you and hope to see you again soon!


Uncle Stoo