Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thoughts on a Thursday

Six things that make me feel old:
1. I sometimes wish I could play Frogger with a joystick.
2. I said something about Boy George to my youngest brother, and he responded: "Who?"
3. The fact that I mentioned Boy George.
4. My bum knee.
5. Every time I see Harrison Ford in a movie trailer, I'm surprised that he doesn't look the way he did in Indian Jones.
6. "Will that be all for you today, ma'am?"

Five things that make me feel young:

1. "Will that be all for you today, miss?"
2. Living in an apartment. (See also: poor)
3. Working in the Primary
4. Staying up late to eat junk food and watch a movie
5. Auditioning for roles I would never have been considered for in high school. (Before I turned 20, I was cast as spry old ladies, drunken British spinsters, and aging, vengeful queens. In grad school, I played a 16 year-old British school girl. Maybe by the time I'm 40, I'll be playing 10 year-olds.)

Four things that make me feel rich:
1. Being married to the kind, handsome, techno-savvy Steve
2. Family and friends
3. The gift certificates I got for my birthday
4. My new laptop

Three things that make me feel poor:
1. Washing my laundry involves quarters
2. Temping
3. The textured ceiling in our otherwise cute apartment

Two Things that make me feel anxious:
1. Misunderstandings
2. Caffeine

One thing I want before I go to bed tonight:

1. Chocolate


AzĂșcar said...

Dear Vera,
I loved you in Mame.

Emmie said...

Ahh, the memories, dear Carina. The memories...

Do you know, that's still my dad's favorite role I've played. What about the Shaw and Chekhov, dad? Nope. It's the aging alcoholic actress in high school.

Mom said...

The man in the moon is a lady ....

Love from Guess Who