Saturday, May 13, 2006

Garden of Delights

I could have sworn I was in England yesterday, but for the sun (it was shining a little too brightly, you see). And then there was the bamboo path. You don't often come across those in the UK.

I'll tell you this much: if you ever visit Orange County (and I both know and like you), I will take you immediately to the Huntington Gardens in San Marino. Did you know they even existed? I didn't. Until yesterday, when my wonderful in-laws introduced me.

If you come, we will start with tea in the Rose Garden.

(But only after stopping to smell the roses.)

After scones, fruit tarts, and cucumber sandwiches (with cream cheese and watercress, I believe), we could stroll through the Shakespeare and Herb Gardens, if you'd like.

We could also stop and look at some of the statuary Henry Huntington and his wife Arabella imported from Europe. (They had a LOT of money, you see.)

Since there are 120 acres of gardens, we might need to stop and rest in the Japanese Garden.

Then, if you wanted to, we could go to the museum and look at Blue Boy. (I didn't take this picture, but he's there! I promise!)

After a few more rooms filled with John Singer Sargent, maybe you'd like to see the Gutenberg Bible, or some early Shakespeare folios.

Or, we could just sit under a tree and smell the flowers. I'll wear my rose-colored glasses.

Even though, in this place, I don't need to.


~j. said...

Pretty pretty pretty!

Have you ever been to The Butchart Gardens? It's really so lovely. This post reminded me of that.

Kiki said...

This post made me think of that one time a friend and I lay out and took a nap on benches in the gardens of the Alhambra in Grenada, Spain. I want to go to this place and take a nap on a bench. It looks absolutely lovely and a great place to take a nap.

Geo said...

Goals for 2006:

1. Get to know Emmie.

2. Be likable.

3. Strap camera around neck and visit Orange County.

(Your rose shots made me wish blogs could be scratch-and-sniff.)

AzĂșcar said...

1. Those pictures of the Japanese Gardens took my breath away.

2. Alhambra: YES.

Emmie said...

I've never been, but after looking at the website, I see that I must go as soon as possible.

I also need to get to Spain as soon as possible. When were you there?

Geo and AzĂșcar,
Make sure to pack your Anthropologie dresses when you come to visit me. They'll be perfect for tea in the Rose Garden.

Kiki said...

I was there in October/November 2002, and the thing that was awesome is that Spain is like Europe's California. It was freezing and snowing in France, but we were all short sleeves carrying along a little jacket in Spain. It was beautiful and sunny the whole time we were there. Here is where I wrote about my Spain trip: All of my 2002/2003 blog entries are from when I was living in France. Some of them are funny.

La Yen said...

Oh so jealous. I love the Huntington gardens--and I love the assortment of tea. I just hope that you dodn't get a snooty lady guide who wouldn't let you breathe on things.

Geo said...

If I wear THE DRESS I will be perfectly camouflaged and may decide to take up permanent residence undetected by snooty lady guides who wish I wouldn't breathe on things.

c jane said...

Emmie, that last photo put those roses to shame.

Emmie said...

La Yen!
No snooty lady, but there was an extremely talkative guide who tried to wrangle us. Thankfully, we escaped her clutches and proceeded to breathe all over everything.

C Jane,
Are you trying to make my day or something?
You are such a doll.