Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Mohawk in Manhattan

One early summer day in New York, I was headed to the Times Square subway station when I noticed a small crowd ahead. As I got closer, I could see that the group of people were gathered around Mr. T, who was decked out in all his Mr. T glory. By the time I reached him, the crowd had dissipated somewhat, and he looked up from signing an autograph.

"Hey, Mr. T!" I said, giving him a smile and wave as I passed.

"Well, hello there, little lady!" he responded, giving me a megawatt Mr. T grin.

At my favorite Indian restaurant later that night, I told my friend about my A-Team encounter.

"Did you get his autograph?"


"Wasn't he offended?"

"I don't think so."

"I bet he was. After you left, I bet he said: 'I pity the fool who doesn't ask for my autograph!'"

Somehow I doubt it. But I think that, of my several celebrity sightings while living in the Big Apple, exchanging grins with Mr. T was my favorite.


Geo said...

Hmmm, another blog topic to pursue . . . celebrity encounters. Yours is great! Just what one would hope for from a Mr. T encounter!

Emily said...

I had my first real celebrity sighting a few weeks ago within my first 10 minutes (practically) of being in New York. Well, not counting the time I saw Fabio at the Phoenix airport on the Fourth of July. (Or was it New Year's Eve?) Anyway, we step out of the subway station to head toward the temple and decide my pregnant self must get food before we go in. So eating at the little deli/bakery next to the temple and Howard Stern in all his 7 foot tall, shaggy hair, sunglasses, looks like he buys his jeans at K-Mart glory walked in and bought a sandwich. Nobody really cared or stared or paid any attention. I was amazed. Mostly that no one cared. What--celebrities are everywhere in NYC? Apparently. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to share.

Emily said...

PS--Perhaps if you had seen the Treat Your Mother Right clip PRIOR to encountering the T on the street, you would have been more inclined to get an autograph. Promise me you will get one next time you see him.

Emmie said...

I think if I'd seen that clip prior to the encounter, I would have not only asked for his autograph, but had him autograph every scrap of paper I had in my purse (including gum wrappers) so that all my friends could have autographs, too! I'm totally gonna do that next time I see him.

Love the Howard Stern story. I think it's fairly common to see celebrities in NYC, but the amount of hubub sometimes depends on the celeb and/or the location. Now, if a pregnant Angelina Jolie had walked into that deli, it might've been a different story...