Monday, June 05, 2006

Wardrobe Malfunction

Last Friday I decided the time had come to purchase a few new items for my almost non-existent summer wardrobe. I knew what I was looking for, and I knew where I had to go to find it, but I didn't want to go where I needed to go to get it.

For me, shopping at Orange County's Fashion Island is either amusing, fascinating, or incredibly frustrating, depending on my mood. Fashion Island has a Koi pond. At night, Fashion Island looks like the streets of Paris. 12-year-old girls wear tight tank tops, high heels, and chatter on pink, diamond-studded cell phones at Fashion Island. At the Fashion Island pet store, average-looking kittens cost $1200.

Last Friday, I knew as I drove to Fashion Island that the experience had the potential to be less than positive. I was not looking forward to watching botoxed, breast-implanted, orange-skinned women heading to kate spade (with their diamond-studded cell phone carrying daughters-in-training) to purchase $50 flip flops.

The thing is, I often enjoy people watching at Fashion Island, especially when I'm with my husband. My favorite thing to point out to him is a woman wearing fake hair. You know, a woman whose hair is pulled back - a gigantic, gravity-defying ponytail (of a slightly different shade) sprouting from the back of her head? Steve likes it when I point out these things to him. Especially when I do it too loudly, and the woman turns and looks straight at me with a shocked expression.
(That only happened once, but I believe it was Steve's favorite people-watching-with-Emmie experience.)

Last Friday, however, all I wanted from Fashion Island was a pair of reasonably-priced capri pants, and maybe a t-shirt or two. And at Fashion Island, where mangy-looking gerbils go for $300 apiece, I knew that wasn't going to be easy.

The first pair of pants I tried on were perfect. They fit like a dream, and were a delicious color. And after tax, they were $78.

Cute, huh?

$78 worth of cute? I don't think so.

My shopping experience went from ridiculously expensive to ludicrously expensive, and if it hadn't been for the fact that I eventually wound up at The Limited (still expensive, but much less ludicrously so), I probably would have ended up sobbing quietly into the Koi pond. Or holding a $1200 cat for ransom until my reasonably-priced demands were met.

And so, two hours after arriving at Fashion Island, I left with more or less what I came for. And as I was leaving, I passed the kate spade window display.

These flip flops were on sale. For $50.


AzĂșcar said...

But they're Kate Spade flip flops!

You don't have a TJ Maxx? You need a TJ's. They probably have zoned them right out of The O.C.

Geo said...

If you're going to give in to spendy, go ahead and get that Anthropologie dress that waved at you.

Rachel said...

ummm...i was at fashion island last month (when i also braved the huntington beach walmart, per your suggestion) and guess who i saw?

KOBE BRYANT and his little daughter. i felt like an instant celeb. i had to call my brothers instantly, who actually thought that was cool that their sister was walking no more than 10 ft away from k.b., no matter how selfish he really is. and then i just realized he is just a guy. a really tall guy, but just a guy on a daddy-daughter date. but it was still fun.

i wasn't, however, amused by the fake pony tails, swarovski-studded cell plates,---and i must've missed the pet store?

Emmie said...

How cool that you had a Fashion Island celebrity siting! That's never happened to me. The pet store is near the carousel - it's called "Russo's Pet Experience." Not just a store - an experience!