Sunday, July 30, 2006

Farewell, Avonlea

Before heading to the salon Friday morning to get my hair blonded, I made a list of post-blonde activities: Put gas in the gar, practice the organ for Sunday, go to the gym, and do some grocery shopping.

By Friday evening, my gas gauge was panic-level low, I was almost home before I realized I'd forgotten to turn the lights off at the church, I arrived at the gym without my water bottle, towel, or ipod, and returned from the store without the one thing I'd gone for in the first place.

Coincidence? Or blonde-related?

I do love my new hair - even if it cost a small fortune. I had no idea! My first professionally-aided highlights occurred one year ago in the makeup room of the LDS Motion Picture Studio, when it was decided that the Pioneer I was portraying should look like she'd actually spent some time in the sun. Up until then, the price of a box of Natural Reddish Blonde was about all I was willing to pay to give my hair a little boost. That, and the occasional $14 splurge at Supercuts.

With a little help from Clairol, I was a redhead for most of my 20s, although I have one friend who refused to refer to me as such. (Hi, Sam!) When I met her in high school, I was a natural blonde, and she was a natural Anne of Green Gables devotee. Later, no matter how red I went, she insisted that I wasn't really a redhead. Not like Anne!

(Love you, Sam!)

I have friends who, being sassy blondes themselves (Hi, Skanky Chris!), tried to convince her otherwise. To no avail.

(Love you, Skanky!)

Never content with my status quo, I've been vacillating between red and blonde for some time now. It's a waste of time and vacillation, really. I mean, have you seen my husband's hair?

We've been told by more than one person that we look like brother and sister. I really had no choice.

Also, the way we met: Stu asked a friend of mine (Hi, Jannah!) if she knew any tall, single blondes. Thank goodness I was blonde at the time! (And tall.)(And single.)

I've gone natural ever since the Pioneer highlights, and my hair's been getting more and more non-descript. And so, after accosting several women in the grocery store these past few months to find out where they went blonde (and insulting at least one of them, I'm sure, for not assuming their color was au naturale), I finally decided on the place of blonding.

And here I blondely sit.

I think it was worth the depleted bank account.

And I'll let you know if I start having more fun.

In the meantime:

(Hi, Carina! This one's for you.)


AzĂșcar said...

You naughty librarian!

p.s. it looks really, really great.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you finally accepted your true roots! I think that I did finally admit that you were a "strawberry blonde" but no one would've ever gotten a slat smacked on his head because they called you "carrots."


~j. said...

Looks great, Emmie!

(ps -- have you ever tried out for the role of Marie Osmond at Chick-fil-A? This photo could capture the part for you!)

skanky chris said...

I must admit that although I was able to accept that your hair was red I've always considered you a blonde at heart. ("This knife is as sharp as something that's dull"--Emmie 1992)
I'm glad to see that you can be true to your self when it's difficult to be true to your roots! I find that my non-descript hair color can sometimes be a touchy subject for me. I was highly offended when my six-year-old told someone I "used to be blonde".
You look fab. It makes me want to go do the same.

Emmie said...

Thanks for the compliments, gals! Now that I've taken this major step, I'm thinking about getting it cut really short... Hmmm...

Chick-fil-A Marie Osmond is one of my dream roles! But we all know who's going to play that part when it gets made into a Lifetime Original Movie, and her initials are LVC.

lisa v. clark said...

damn straight! Don't you DARE steal the role I was BORN to play. . .

and your hair looks really great. And so does your skin.

Emily said...

Although I am completely clueless about Chick-Fil-A and Marie Osmond in the same sentence, I saw your pioneer masterpiece again the other night, and had new insight into the blond highlights.

Emmie said...

I *heart* you.

They definitely helped me get into character. I think that's what you're sensing in my performance.