Monday, August 14, 2006

1,095 Days

This morning, to celebrate our three-year anniversary, Steve and I drove to Orem, and went to Village Inn. Steve had the blueberry blintzes, and the pancakes that came with my omelet. Wilson Phillips sang about holding on for one more day. The ladies in the neighboring booth talked about how Village Inn pie compares to other pie, and about that time that woman they know broke both her ankles.

A little over three years ago, Steve met my family for the first time. After the introductions, my youngest brother interviewed him, asking him every question he could think of while the rest of my family sat around and watched. Steve loved it, and they loved him. After the interview, Steve was understandably very hungry. I took him to the only place I knew was open - the destination of choice for post-play actors and late-night truckers.

At Village Inn, a little over three years ago, this is what Steve ate:

Large bowl of clam chowder
French dip sandwich
French fries
Chocolate shake
Belgian waffle
Half of my salad

Afterwards, he "slept like a baby."

Earlier this week, we celebrated our anniversary in style with a lovely dinner and a fancy hotel, but I'm glad we went to Village Inn today. It wouldn't have felt right if we hadn't commemorated the actual day with sticky menus, eavesdropping, maple syrup, and Wilson Phillips.


Kiki said...

Happy Anni!

AzĂșcar said...

How curious, I ate at The Village Inn for the first time in probably a decade just last week with some dear friends. Fruit and nut whole grain pancakes, one egg over easy, and a side of hashbrowns with tabasco.

Hooray for the Stuvvies!

~j. said...

Ditto azucar (the very VI, the very night). Happy Anniversary to you.

Geo said...

Hey, your anniversary is also mine and also also Becca's!