Sunday, August 06, 2006

Television for Women

Late last night, there was a movie on Lifetime called "The People Next Door" (starring Faye Dunaway and Nicollette Sheridan).

The TV Guide description:

"The childless couple next door seem like nice people to a single mother, until they kidnap her three kids."

I guess after the kidnapping, they didn't seem so nice.


Skanky said...

I have serious issues with Lifetime, even though I watch it all the time. How can it be "television for women" without ever showing romantic comedies? It's always women in prison or unfaithful spouses or ridiculous murder mysteries. But I guess if it wasn't for Lifetime Torri Spelling would never have a job.

~j. said...

Tori Spelling has a job?

AzĂșcar said...

Yes, stealing other people's husbands and professional adultery.

Was that mean? 'Cause I really like So NoTORIous.