Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Flourless Feasts

Have any of you experienced the feast or famine phenomenon? You know, when nothing is really happening, not much is going on, and then suddenly everything is happening, everything is going on (and then some)?

After nearly a year on the couch (and the knee to show for it), I've suddenly become insanely busy. Auditions, a new church calling, helping out with a film project, a new part-time job, and writing and directing the ward roadshow (which I could write a novel about. I really could. And I really want to. But I won't.).

I've felt like a useless lump of a thing this past year on the couch, so it's wonderful to be busy once more. However, the training for my new job occurred in a different state than the one in which I currently reside, and as a result I missed celebrating both my birthday and Valentine's Day with my husband. (We're going out tomorrow night to commemorate both occasions. Have you ever had the Godiva chocolate cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory? It has layers of flourless chocolate cake, chocolate cheesecake, and chocolate mousse. Did I mention the chocolate cake is flourless? I may have wept the first time I tried it, and I am not ashamed of that.)

So, in honor of my birthday, I admonish you to try the Godiva chocolate cheesecake. For your own good.

And, in honor of last week's Valentine's Day, I present to you the engagement photo we ultimately decided against:


Sam said...

My entire life is a feast/famine cycle (especially my love life) so I totally relate. It is like when I was a supermarket checker--either there was no one in line for a very long time or all the shoppers converged to the check-out lane at the exact same time. I sometimes wondered if it was all a consipiracy! I'm glad you were able to have cake for your birthday--esp. chocolate cake!

AzĂșcar said...

You decided against that picture? Why? It seems to me that it reflects your true inner selves!

I have NOT tried the cheesecake, but I will promise to make you something tasty and flourless for your next visit.

cotton_in_the_medicine_bottles said...

If there is no Cheesecake Factory around, how am I supposed to try the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake!!! And now I MUST have one. What have you done to meeeeeee.....!!!!

Emily said...

I want to read your ward roadshow novel. Or at least the personal essay posted to this blog. Enjoy your feast!!

Blondie said...

That cheesecake is quite possibly the loveliest thing I've ever eaten. I'm delighted that gluten has not deprived you of one of life's great pleasures.

PS to all of us sorry folks living without a Cheesecake Factory in our midst: Their desserts can be purchased online and sent anywhere!

Emmie said...

Your present arrived today, and it made me so happy! I can't wait to watch it - I'm sure there will be much sighing involved . . .

You baking for me would be worth the price of a plane ticket, and then some! I'm tempted to fly in next week just for that, but you might be busy having a baby or something.

See? One more reason you need to come visit me in SoCal.

I wish we could go to lunch together, and I would tell you all about the roadshow. (I'm paranoid to blog about it because of the ever-so-slight chance someone from my ward might find my blog, and take offence at what I would say. 'Cause believe you me, there is a LOT to say.)

And you and Sam are the ones who introduced me to that blessed dessert! For that I will be forever grateful.

~j. said...

You've talked me into the cake. And I LOVE that photo. I wonder about your new it separate from the roadshow? I always enjoy your primary stories.

And having your blog stumbled upon by people in your ward isn't really all that bad: it happened to me (by a beehive, who I've repeatedly asked to NOT read it anymore, and also by a member of my bishopric, who, amazingly, has not taken away my temple recommend).

Elizabeth said...

I found your blog through Emily's, who I found through CJane's (I think). Just blog surfing. :)
The cheesecake sounds DIVINE. I have a cheesecake recipe that can kill...seriously SO good. But this one sounds pretty divine, too.
I like this photo, too. Where was it taken? I love the staircase.

Emmie said...

My new calling is YW teacher. There are so few YW in our ward that they only have one teacher, and now that teacher is me!

Welcome! And I want your cheesecake recipe! The picture was taken in San Diego's Balboa Park. Lots of lovely Spanish architecture there.

Sarah said...

In the next version of North and South, I think you should have the starring role. I see you doing it!

Wow! It seems your ward has discovered you! I just got released from YW and I was really sad. I enjoyed teaching them (but be sure to use the supplemental material talks because although the topics are interesting the manuels are DATED).

Have a fab day! And by the way, what is your new job again?


Kiki said...

That cheesecake is the best thing I have ever put in my mouth. I first found out about it when I went to a CF in Dallas with some friends. I was debating between two different cheesecakes that I don't even remember anymore when the server asked me if I'd ever had the pleasure of eating the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake. So I ordered than, and it is HEAVEN on a plate. The GANACHE!!! OH MY! After telling my mom about it, she found out that you could ORDER THE CAKE ONLINE! For $50 you could have one delivered to your door, and while that sounds like a lot, it's worth every penny. Now whenever I go to Dallas, I swing by and buy a whole cake for $25. I bought one a couple of weekends ago, and we just finished it. It is amazing. Sigh...