Tuesday, May 22, 2007

There Is Beauty All Around

I've been making several big changes in my life as of late. I won't get into them (they'd probably be fairly boring to anyone but me), but I will share that I've been feeling the need to experience more beauty.

I am therefore instituting a Month of Beauty here in my little corner of the web. Every day I will try to find something beautiful, and share it with you. I don't really have any Rules of Beauty - I think I'll make them up as I go along. I also reserve the right to post regular ol' blog entries if a non-beauty-related topic strikes my fancy.

I hope you'll tell me about the beautiful things that you find, too.

P.S. As May is almost over, I guess it would be more accurate to say that I am instituting Four Weeks of Beauty. Month of Beauty just sounded more catchy.

Today's Beauty:

Each day when I drive out of my apartment complex, I see this:

I'd never taken a closer look, until today:


Josh said...

When I was in Italy, these grew EVERYWHERE! I have never known the name, and would never remember it if I did. I can't even remember the names of the plants in my own yard. But I agree, the are incredibly beautiful.

Jannah said...

Em, it is beautiful to have a fresh dose of you in life, even if it must be via computer! It always amazes me the plants and flowers that seem to exist without constant tending - probably comes from Utah where my mother's roses had to be nursed back into existance each spring. Thank you for reminding me not to take this section of the country for granted.
By the way Josh, it's Bouganvilla sharing the same name as a place in Spain - maybe I'll get to see Europe someday - till then I can add these flowers into my daydreams of villas and piazzas.

Emmie said...

Wow - I am picturing an Italian piazza covered with red flowers. Gorgeous.

P.S. I can never remember the names of anything - especially plants. Meanwhile, my mom knows the names of all plants in the universe, and she knows their Latin names, too. She's cool like that.

Bouganvilla! Now I finally know what it is! When I was at USD, I had a professor who was constantly talking about the bouganvilla in his yard. It got so annoying that we all started to use the word inappropriately. For example:

"That is so bouganvilla."

"Don't bouganvilla me like that."

"Stop being such a bouganvilla."

Emily said...

Bougainvillea are pretty, but they're crazy in how they grow--so fast. Also, there is a disease that is threatening to kill all the bougainvillea in Phoenix. Kind os a downer for your month of beauty. Sorry.

AzĂșcar said...

They are lovely!

Snazzy idea.

compulsive writer said...

I've never seen bougainvillea before. They are beautiful! I think I need to go to Spain. I'm guessing they wouldn't grow so well along the Wasatch Front.