Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Showtune Beauty

I received a lovely invitation today. One of my friends asked if I'd like to sing a Broadway show tune for a benefit concert in San Diego next month. The theme is love songs, and she's left it up to the participants to choose their own song(s). I'm going to sing "Someone Else's Story" from Chess. (I love that song!), and I'll probably play a little somethin' on my violin as well.  (From Fiddler on the Roof, of course.  What else?)

I must admit that I'm a little nervous.  Not about the violin part, but about the singing part.  There are sure to be some powerhouse-voiced participants, and I do not have a powerhouse voice. I have a nice voice. I love to sing, and I've been in musicals; one was even reviewed by the illustrious Eric D. Snider. (And he's totally right. I Do! I Do! is one of the cheesiest musicals of all time. One exclamation point wasn't enough for the title: it had to have TWO!!)  My voice is sufficient unto the day thereof, but a powerhouse it ain't.

There are few things I enjoy more than listening to a powerhouse voice. Especially when it's in my living room, and it's coming from a good friend. For example, my lovely friend Dianna (hi, lovely!) has one of the most gorgeous voices I've ever heard in person (or anywhere, for that matter). I also have a lovely memory of sitting in a make-up trailer with Dallyn Bayles and singing parts with him to help him prepare for his then upcoming (now past) role in The Secret Garden. (I love that musical!) Have you heard Dallyn sing? I recommend clicking on his name if you haven't.  And the friend who invited me to sing has a beautiful voice as well. These singers are also amazing people, and there's something about an amazing voice coming from an amazing person that's just, well, amazing.

So I'm looking forward to doing my part in July. And then sitting back and enjoying all the beauty that's sure to be.


Sam said...

C'mon Em, I Do! I Do! was the pinnacle of your acting career! When else have you gotten to play a range of 60+ years! Seriously, I think my favorite thing I saw was Jo (despite your trauma) but I didn't get to see Three Sisters and I've always said were born to play Chekov. What has been your favorite role?

Annette Lyon said...

Despite what you say, I think your voice is a thing of absolute beauty. Unlike mine. I recall all too many times a group of friends gathered around a piano (ahem) *trying* to sing, and people would say, "Let Annette have the melody," or even better, "Just hear the note in your head . . . and then SING it." (YOU never said, that, of course, only a certain person who didn't realize that not all individuals are blessed with genius levels musical talent.)

Annette Lyon said...

Ooh! And now I just went to Dallyn's website! I met him briefly at LDSBA's convention last year. He probably doesn't remember me, though. I was wearing a Covenant shirt and chatting with a DB staffer friend at the time. He gave me a promo CD of his. Nice guy. You're right; great voice.

Anonymous said...

You will be absolutely wonderful! There is no one I prefer singing duets with, and few singers can hold a candle to your musicianship.

So, let's see, you can act, sing, play the violin, and speak French fluently. Just learn to whitewater raft and speak Polish, German, and ASL, and we'll have to start calling you Meryl. :)

All my love!
Irina Sergevna

P.S. Do you know why your comment window is all in Chinese (at least for me)? Otherwise, I would've officially been someone other than anonymous - maybe it's allegorical. :)

Em said...

I think I told you that I and the director of I Do! I Do! decided it should have been called I Did! I Wish I Hadn't!

Favorite role is a tough one. I did love playing Jo (despite the trauma). My favorite Chekhov was Liubov in Cherry Orchard, and favorite Shakespeare is a tie between Thaisa in Pericles and Hermione in Winter's Tale.

You are too kind! Hmmm, I wonder who that "certain person" was. Let me think . . . :-)
And how cool that you met Dallyn!

Irina (alias Dianna),
There is no one I prefer singing duets with either, so we need to do more of that! Kind of hard when we're in two different states, but someday we'll figure something out, right? I'm sorry my comment window is in Chinese! I guess sometimes blogger likes to speak in different languages. You know, just to mix it up a bit.