Friday, July 06, 2007

Lost In Space, Perhaps?

For the past three years, my husband and I have celebrated our August wedding anniversary at a Snowbird ski resort lodge. The first year, Steve surprised me with the trip (with a little guidance from my mom). I would never have thought to go to a ski resort in the summer, but it was absolutely gorgeous up there. Each room has a little balcony that faces the mountain, and every evening a storm would come sweeping over the peaks, bringing with it booming thunder and the delicious smell of mountain rain. Am I sounding too much like a Snowbird brochure?

This year, however, I want to do something different. Something special. Something new! And I think I've found just the place: the Anniversary Inn in Logan, Utah. Problem is, I'm having trouble choosing a theme. I've narrowed it down to six, but I'm hoping you can help me make my final decision. You know, weigh the pros and cons; the potential benefits and detriments. Stalactites versus, say . . . an Egyptian tomb. Or an octopus. Below is my list. Click on the name, and you'll get a tour of the room.

Just so you know, I'm leaning toward Lost In Space.

Arctic Journey

Mysteries of Egypt
**Giant Snake in Bathroom (click on the tub photo)

Sultan's Palace
**Partial Elephants

Dodge City

Neptune's Cave

Lost In Space
**Bathroom Space Pod

** Benefits


Tristi Pinkston said...

They all sound really fun, and I've heard good things about the Inn, so I'm sure you will have a wonderful time regardless of which one you choose. I'd prpbably go for the Egyptian one, myself, but that's primarily because I'm currently reading Elizabeth Peters right now. :)

Azúcar said...

Clearly, they lack enough variety. I would suggest that you contact them and ask for some "better" theme rooms. Perhaps "Gulag" or "Ye Olde Tower of London"--all the better to act out Anne of a Thousand Days (I know you've been wanting to reprise.)

"Oh, Oh! Cardinal WOLSEY! Unhand me!!"

Maman said...

Why go all the way to Logan when there are now TWO Anniversary Inns right in SLC?!?!? I seem to recall that M&J spent Anniversary One last year in a tree or on an elephant in ... I think it was Jungle Safari in the South Temple location. Better ask them, though. Nothing like first-hand, eyewitness advice. (I think they had a coupon.) Or perhaps you would prefer the newer "Phantom of the Opera" suite (You don't like opera? Can't understand the lines? You'll catch every nuance .... Poignant love, an aching heart, unrequited affections all vanish away ... [which is a really good thing to have happen on your anniversary]) or for something a bit more upbeat, there's always the "Secret Garden" (Come in ... but be quiet. Secrets are hard to keep. And with fairies about, you have to be careful....[I should say]) or "Mississippi Seranade" (Did Mark Twain stay here?) option. I don't know, though, those Italian Gondolas in the 5th South location are mighty tempting. I mean, that's MY idea of a great way to dispose of three hundred bucks ... for a couple nights in a boat-shaped bed in downtown Salt Lake City.

Meg at night said...

We've been to both the Logan and old Salt City Jail locations. I preferred the look of the Logan one, myself. However, we had bad experiences at both places. In Logan we stayed in the Swiss Family Robinson room---loved it, other than the fact that the room next door had their TV blaring until 4:00 a.m.!!! At Salt City we stayed in the Jackson Hole room, which was the only room available--probably because the thermostat was stuck at 84 DEGREES! Let's just say that neither of us are thrilled to return. Maybe the 3rd time is a charm, but we don't know if we're ready to take that gamble. Hopefully our experiences will not be repeated for you and your honey. Anniversaries are great and should be something to look back on with fondness. IF I were to go back, I'd go to the Egyptian room, though.

Annette Lyon said...

I sleep with socks on in July, so for me, Arctic Journey is OUT. Just seeing fake ice dripping from the ceiling would make me shiver.

For our 10th anniversary, we went to the AI in downtown SLC that's in an old mansion. We had the actual "anniversary" suite. It fit me to a T--it was giant, 2 full rooms, and essentially decorated like the mansion probably was then--Victorian bliss (except for the jetted tub and the high-tech TV over the fireplace). Perfect for someone like me--and hubby knew that!

blondie's sis said...

My actual audible response:

I doubt I could spent more than 15 minutes in these rooms before going a little bit nuts. Hello! Who wants to be that near a giant replica of a snake at all, let alone when you're naked in the tub?! Similar feelings about those octopus arms lurking above the pillow. And the look in those elephants' eyes says they are going to charge at you as soon as they can get their rear ends unstuck.

I'd probably go with Lost In Space. The shimmering curtain is cool, and I can't see any creatures ready to attack. (Can you tell I'm not a pet person?)

Jen said...

hmmm . . . Wow.

I'd have to agree with the going a bit nuts in under 15 minutes comment. I vaguely recall hearing about this place, but blocked it out of my memory somewhere thinking it couldn't be real.

That said, I'm more than a little creeped out by the elephants, but strangely less so by the snake and octopus. Although there is something about gettin' it on in a covered wagon and then bursting through the saloon doors with nothin' but spurs on (or perhaps leather chaps?) to get them doggies into the jetted tub, that calls to a certain side of me (giggle). But all in all, my vote would have to be for Neptune's Cave. I'd say it's perhaps the most soothing (or least stressful) of your choices.
All of them beat the heck out of a boring weekend listening to thunderstorms in the mountains of course.

Jannah said...

Oh.... I can't really even go further on, because against my own will I just had a mental image of your husband "mosey"-ing. My suggestion would be to spend your money on doing an extreme makeover on your own bedroom, what better gift could you give yourselves than an F1 themed room to enjoy all year long? Sure the race goes fast but there are a lot of laps ;) Of course you could decorate like an Irish castle and maybe Steve would riverdance for you.

cotton_in_the_medicine_bottles said...

I think the Sultan's Palace needs to be renamed "Colonial India."
And although the "Open the pod bay doors" w.c. and neon nebulae are really cool, Egypt's got my vote, too.

Blondie said...

For our fourth anniversary we decided at the last minute to cruise up to Bear Lake just for fun. We wanted to stay somewhere nice on our last night so I called the Logan Anniversary Inn and got the only available room--the Bridal Suite. It was the most expensive one but SOOO worth it. It was big and beautiful and not a bit creepy.

Might I also suggest you check out We went there on our third anniversary and totally loved it (except for when we got chased by an evil swan while riding paddle boats on the lake. I named him Hector.)

Meg at night said...

Here, here to Janna's idea about doing an extreme makeover of your own bedroom. Since we had less than desirable experiences at our 2 trips to the AI, we actually did our own little themed room this year for our anniversary. Can I just tell you, it was SOOOO much better and we get to enjoy it for more than just a night or two. I love it!

But, even having said all that, I can only imagine that a weekend at the AI would still be a great get away for you. Just pray that you don't have neighbors and make sure the room has a working room temperature control! °Ü°

Emily said...

I've been thinking a lot lately about what makes Utah so Utahish, and gosh darn it if you didn't just give me the answer! I do not believe that an Anniversary Inn would prosper in Arizona. I could be wrong, but I do not believe.

Em said...

Thank you all for your delightful input! The mental images provided by Azúcar, Jen, and Jannah will stay with me for quite some time . . . And Emily, I think you are so very right.

c jane said...

If you don't go for the Arctic Journey then we are NO LONGER FRIENDS>

Azúcar said...

If you decide to take everyone’s suggestion and do your own theme room, may I offer you one hint? You should find out if Steve is Star Wars or Star Trek.

Apparently, there is a difference. Nothing worse than confusing Tribbles with Ewoks!

compulsive writer said...

Mysteries of Egypt. Something about that snake in the bath...

My daughter wants to do her bedroom all "Arctic Journey." I'm so not showing her this.

Anonymous said...

Um, did I see Polar Bears and Penguins in the same room??

kiki said...

Arctic Journey! Arctic Journey!

samiam said...

The Mysteries of Egypt is my pick--if you can go to Luxor without leaving the privacy of your own hotel room, do it! By the way, when did you become a "brownie" yourself? I did a double-take with the picture. Wasn't there a golden haired girl there before?

Emmie said...

It's true! I'm a reddish brunette now! I was tired of fighting my roots. And I think I like it better than the blonde. Feels more like me!