Friday, August 31, 2007

Understanding Steve

Sometimes, I really don't understand my husband.

Last night, for instance, I listened to his end of a phone conversation with his brother. Said brother had called to ask for help with computer problems. This is a regular occurrence in Steve's life, as everyone he knows calls him for help with computer problems. Last night he told his brother to click on a link to download a program he wrote that will allow him to see his brother's computer screen, and take control of the mouse. Then he talked about command line compressors and said things like "Dude, I haven't used REM since I was 13" and "The next step is the SSH, dawg" and a bunch of other stuff that I had no understanding of whatsoever. (Except for "dude" and "dawg" - those are regular nouns in his tech support vocabulary.)

Though I often don't understand what he's talking about, I think the Powers-That-Be knew that I, who wept over my high school geometry homework, needed to marry a self-described computer and math geek. It's that whole "one spouse's strengths complement the other spouse's weaknesses" thing. (You know that thing?) It's so true in our case! Steve helps me with installing software on my laptop and adding up monthly expenses, and I help him with his ability to perform believable Shakespearean monologues. (He's really improving.)

For all that I don't understand about him, there's a lot that I do. I completely understand his adoration of classical music (he has an amazing collection), and his love of documentaries, Woody Allen films, The Sopranos, Cops, and really bad made-for-tv movies on the Lifetime channel. I also totally get his fondness for cute things, be they kittens, bunnies, baby nieces and nephews, puppies, or Anne Hathaway.

The thing that I understand best, however, is that he's the most wonderful husband an Emmie could ever ask for, and I wanted to publicly tell him so as we embark upon our 5th year of marriage.

So Steve, if you're reading this: Happy Anniversary! I love you. Oh, and I think there's something wrong with my computer . . .


stu said...

Confirm that the pentarenonasalwho cross-checks with your electrohandyconfabulator, then resilver your picoteraptabytalnexusator. (In my dialect of tech speak that means "I love you too.")

Emily said...

I think I'm the Steve and my Steve's the Emmie in our relationship. Sort of.

Happy, happy anniversary!

AzĂșcar said...

Happy Anniversary you 50% crazy kids!

I like to insert random math stuff into my everyday conversation now that I'm married to a math teacher. Logarithm. Congruent.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Hey, the 31st was my anniversary too -- except 12, instead of 5. Hope yours was great!

blondie said...

Happy Anniversary you guys!!
I have very fond memories of your wedding (ie: the two of you standing there in full wedding garb serving your own cake!) I can't believe it has been four years.

PS You were soooo right about Snowbird. Loved it!!

Jannah said...

Hey lovebirds, I will always be glad that when Picky Steve decided to open himself up and ask if I knew any single girls, that He was specific enough to mention they had to be tall, blond, and attractive. I will also be glad that at that time, Emmie happened to be all three. And now lucky Steve gets a brunette too - You owe me Stu!

Emmie said...

You are funny. And cute.

This confirms it. We must meet in person. (I'm delighted you're moving to Utah, as I'm already scheming a Christmas Luncheon with all the Provo bloggers. You in?)

Quotient. Polynomial.

Thanks! Congrats on your 12 years!

And I have an equally fond memory of your pregnant self intervening: "You guys can't serve the wedding cake at your own wedding!"

Picky Steve loved your comment. (He totally owes you. Big time.)

Emily said...

If you time it just right, I'm so in. As a consolation prize for waiting to buy a house until ours in Phx sells and for living with my in-laws for what could be a scarily long time, I bought tickets to go to Hawaii over the Christmas break. But regardless of when this lunch happens, I cannot wait for it to happen!!

Emmie said...

That is a well-deserved consolation prize (and just goes to prove that great minds think alike, as Steve and I are going to Hawaii the first week of January)! Hopefully I'll get to Provo before you depart for tropical paradise. Shoot me an email sometime and let me know when you're going to be gone - I have faith that we can make this blogging brunch happen!


Annette Lyon said...

I've got a computer whiz hubby, too. Single best thing I ever did for my writing. Something goes wrong, and I just have to squeal, "HONEEEEEEEY! Fix iiiiiit!"

Happy anniversary!

Sandra said...

congratulations on your anniversary. I love it when the husband can fix what is wrong with the computer. Maybe it is a "man gene". Whatever, it is great.

c jane said...

I love when you write about Steve dawg. He makes me laugh.

Bon Anniversaire a toi!

(My French is beyond...)

danielle said...

I just had to say that you so much for your comment about the Zofran. It really really helps. Oh and Happy Anniversary. How lucky to have such a handy hubby.

danielle said...

obviously I meant thank you...not that you;)