Monday, August 27, 2007


My sister-in-law sent me an email tonight that contained something surprising: a video of me dressed in a Carmen Miranda outfit, doing a sassy flamenco dance. Thing is, I've never worn a Carmen Miranda outfit, and I've never danced the flamenco.

Once I found out how she made the impossible possible, I decided that Steve and I should disco.

Steve's a natural.


Azúcar said...

What...manly arms you have, Emmie.

Jannah said...

WONderful WONderful Wow!
You crazy kids have surpassed as my 4 year old's favorite thing on the computer! Although, after the close up crotch shots and gold jewelry I'm not sure I'll allow Steve back in my home, Even in Fontucky we have decency standards.

Meg at night said...

LOVE Steve's shirt! Just love it! And, WOW! You two are amazing! I sometimes wondered what all those part-time temping jobs you were so hesitant to tell us about were. Now I know . . . you've been taking dancing lessons! You go girl! °Ü°

Emmie said...

Thanks, Azúcar. It's the yoga.

But Jannah, don't you think the gold chains go well with his whole "Stu" persona?

If you got it, flaunt it! :-)

c jane said...

ha ha ha ha ha! Steve is the bomb.

Dianna G. said...

That was delightful, and, I might add, impressive. I mean, it looked almost real at times (were it not for some serious clashes in skin tone - I'll cry if I ever see your body that gray). I just wish I could see the Flamenco dance...

Emily said...

I was just about to compliment your arms, Emmie. Not manly at all. They're hot! Your head's a little big, though.

Emmie said...

C Jane,
Steve is flattered that you think so.

Look for a Flamenco dance link to appear in your inbox in the near future.

Thanks for the compliment about my arms, but did you have to say that about my head? Next you'll be telling me that I have little to no neck! Sheesh.