Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Dangers of the Delicious Cake

Recently, I had an email correspondence with my friend Blondie. At some point during our message exchange, one of us must have mentioned something about cake, because I received this from her yesterday:

"You know how gmail gives you links on the right side of the page that correspond with the content of the email?

Well, after the last one you sent me, the question 'Like Cake?' showed up on the side of the screen. I admit my interest was captured (who doesn't like cake!) and I clicked on it. The website contained a link that would send you to a quiz to determine if you were a 'fatty', as well as the following extremely informative paragraphs:

Cake! It's good in all it's varieties. It's not good for you and it's likely to make you fat, but darn, Cake is so good! Some of the best flavors of Cake are chocolate, strawberry, caramel and angel food cake.

Cakes are good for all occasions, including birthday Cake, wedding Cake, baby shower Cake and many other Cake events.

There are several different types of
Cake too. Angel food Cake, bundt Cake, flour Cake, cupcakes, ice cream Cake, pound Cake and so many other Cake types.

So, if you choose to eat
Cake on a regular basis you will likely be a fat Cake eater. Be warned of the dangers of the delicious Cake! Found out if Cake is making you fat.

Are You Fat?"

As Blondie so aptly put it: 

Um . . . what?


c jane said...

So, okay . . . I like Cake thus I am fat. Is that what I am reading here?

And why has that never happened in our zillion correspondences about Cinnamon Bears ?

Emmie said...

Hmmm. Even though I can't eat Cake, I still like Cake, thus I am also fat. Oh well.

(I think the internet knows that there is nothing it can tell us about Cinnamon Bears that we don't already know in our hearts.)

Geo said...

Yeah? Well, here's one for the sidebar.

Emily said...

Count me in for being fat.

Emmie said...

I think I gained five pounds just looking at it.

Meg at night said...

I never thought of having a "Cake event." Did you? Isn't the Cake usually just a small part of other occasions? It is not what the event is all about. Or is it? Maybe I have been missing something all these years! Hmmmm . . .

Regardless, I am definitely a "fat Cake eater."

Annette Lyon said...

I'm confused, too.

But I'm also thinking, "CAKE."

BTW, Ems, you're mentioned on my blog today. A trip down memory lane . . . :)