Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Smoky (and Cookie)

Well, as you've probably heard by now, California is on fire. I, personally, am not on fire, and it's looking like the flames will steer quite clear of us. However, ash is falling from the sky, the air is smoke-filled and eye-stinging, and everything smells like a campfire (including me, after walking from my car to the apartment). As a local friend of mine put it: "I feel like I've been eating toast all day." We are counting our blessings, though, and praying for the people who've had to evacuate, and for the firefighters.

In other news, I'm temping this week. I'm subbing for a woman named Cookie. It's on her business cards and everything! Cookie is on vacation. Yesterday, I answered the phone, and a woman asked to speak with someone in the office. I asked who was calling, and she replied, "Cookie!" So I said, "Oh, hi, Cookie. I'm sitting at your desk." And she said, "Okay, great!" Then I paged the call recipient, and told her Cookie was holding for her. A few minutes later, the woman who had answered the call came to my desk. She said, "You really need to ask for last names. When you said 'Cookie' was on the line, I assumed you meant the Cookie who works in the office, so I started talking to her like she was that Cookie. But she wasn't that Cookie. She was a different Cookie."


1. If she wasn't that Cookie, then why, when I told her I was sitting at her desk, did she reply, "Okay, great!"

2. What are the odds?

Let me know if you come up with any answers. In the meantime, I'll be hoping for rain. And avoiding toast.


Geo said...

Apparently, Cookie II is also on vacation.

Blondie said...

Do you think Cookie has a hard time staying on a diet? I mean, wouldn't it be difficult to stay focused on healthy food if people are constantly saying "cookie" to you?

I know I could really go for a cookie right about now--gluten and all.

Jannah said...

I think you have been the victim of trick-the-temp, much like one of your early posts, people never want the temp to have an easy time.
It's like playing sink-the-sub in high school, they want to drive you to madness as quickly as possible so as to protect the jobs of the people they know.
I think it must have something to do with the fear of change,
"You are not Cookie, therefore I will mess with you just enought that you will be happy to leave."

Of course, it could be the fact that you are here in SoCal/Lala-Land and apparently "Cookie" had a very popular run, I can think of at least 2 women who go by that name right now.

AzĂșcar said...

I am glad you're not on fire (would make dinner parties awkward.)

I think I should name my next child Cookie, regardless of gender.

Reb Rob said...

That is the best story ever!!!!!!!!!

TnD said...

All I can say is there can never be enough cookies in this world. Maybe you should just call one Choc Chip Cookie and the other Gingersnap Cookie for distinction. I think the name is now retro enough to be back in style.

Emmie said...

You make me laugh! Yes, I believe Cookie II has left the building.

Did you have a cookie?

You actually know people named Cookie?

Steve and I are also thinking of Cookie for a baby's name. Cookie Freitas. That kid wouldn't get teased at all.

I'm so flattered that you visited my blog!

So true. There can never be enough cookies.

Thayerclan said...

I think Cookie's a little kooky if you know what I mean....

Jen said...

Have you considered changing your name? It might help. I once worked with two women named "Candy" and "Paradise" (excuse me, I meant "Pahradice"). I felt I had no choice but to change my name to "Choklatt Bliss" or quit.