Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dusty Dreams

"What would you think about living in Southern France?" My husband asks one Saturday afternoon.

"Sounds great!" I reply, barely glancing up from my book.  

I am not at all surprised by his question.  At least once a month, Steve asks how I would feel about living in some far away, non-English-speaking place.  If we were being stereotypical, you'd think that I would be the one asking these day-dreamy questions, seeing as I'm the artsy type, and Steve is all logical and computery and stuff. But Steve is nothing if not non-stereotypical (what?), and when it comes to dreaming, Steve is quite industrious.  Case in point: upon waking one morning, Steve told me he'd dreamt in great detail of building an airplane and flying it around the world.  It was a thrilling dream, he said, and seemed to go on forever.  

"And what did you dream about, Em?"  

"Uh, I dreamt that I made you a steak for dinner.  With potatoes."

So when Steve asked me yesterday how I'd feel about living in the Mojave desert, I automatically responded:


And then, after a few moments of reflection,

"What did you say?"

"The Mojave desert!  There's a company there I want to work for - it would be my dream job!"

"Are you serious?"

"Actually, I am."

"Don't they have offices somewhere else, too?  Like maybe . . . Venice?"

"Nope.  Just Mojave.  We could get an awesome house there for super cheap."

"So I'd have more rooms in which to silently weep.  And decorate with cacti."

Then he told me more about the company.  It was pretty nifty, I had to admit.  

"Not only could we get a huge, cheap house, but they give their employees every other Friday off!"

"Great!  More free time to frolic about in the DESERT." 

This dream was quickly becoming a realistic nightmare.

"Oh - And they also say that it's a real plus for job applicants if they've built their own plane."

"I see.  Well, you should probably get right on that then."

And back to dreaming he went.  


rebrob said...

I don't think you guys will ever have a dull moment together. Even if you have to move to the desert. And decorate with cacti.

Emily said...

Don't hate me, but my reaction to the idea of moving to Utah was much like yours, specifically, "You'll have more free time to be in Utah." To be fair, it's growing on me.

Have you considered the bonus of having a joshua tree in the yard of your big, cheap house? Joshua trees rock.

Jannah (Ferguson) Au said...

"Despite its aridity, the Mojave (and particularly the Antelope Valley in its southwest) has long been a center of alfalfa production, fed by irrigation..."
- Wikipedia

Relax Em, with all that green alfalfa you'll feel like you are living in Ireland...only without the historical architecture, cultural food, literary tradition, and brogues.

TmeggenT said...

You may have forgotten that I lived in the Mojave Desert for a year. As with any place, there are good and bad things to it. However, if you don't like lots of hot, dry, wind, I think I would definitely discourage it. But, then again, all that fine blowing sand could just be a way to get some microderm abrasion done for free! °Ü°

Adam, Tracy & Kaelin said...

I just love the real-ness of your posts. They are seriously better than pictures...and they always make me laugh...props on staying up to date with your blogging. I'm impressed!!!

Emily said...

"So I'd have more rooms in which to silently weep. And decorate with cacti."


Dianna G. said...

Steve's enthusiasm and excellent memory of his dreams inspires me to quote one of my favorite 80's comedies, just because:

"Is it a dream where you see yourself standing in sort of sun-god robes on a pyramid with a thousand naked women screaming and throwing little pickles at you?...Why am I the only one who has that dream?"

Strangely enough, and though I don't know Steve terribly well, I can even imagine him saying that.

Sarah said...

Oh, Em, I feel your pain. . .or your apathy. . .or whatever you want to call it.

Periodically over the past ten years my husband has come home and announced that he wants to move to Alabama ("Why Alabama?" you may ask. Because that is where he would learn to fly helicopters, of course. See, I SOOO know what you're talking about!)
In our early years together announcements such as that would send me into a panic. I would then frantically begin researching where we would live, where we shop and where my closest relatives are. But eventually I realized that more often than not, he is just thinking aloud.

Since then, I have likewise perfected the supportive-head-nod-with-accompanying "OK,hon'. Sure!" thing.

It lets him have his dreams without them becoming my nightmares.

PS Right now I'd be happy to move to the desert. I am so sick of all this snow!

Noelle said...

The desert really does grow on you in a strange way. Really! There are evening flowering cacti to spice things up a bit.

TnD said...

I think I am with your husband on this one, not about Mojave, but definitely about living someplace exotic. I am always dreaming up ways of getting us to some faraway local. My most recent idea was spending a year in Ireland overseeing the construction of a farmhouse, prior to that it was living in Umbria restructuring a cloister, prior to that it was taking a group of 90 kids to France and then touring for the summer until we have to escort them back. Hope springs eternal, Emmie. You gotta love dreams.

c jane said...

I would say, without hesitation, "sign me up!"

Emmie said...

I think you're probably right.

I don't hate you. And Joshua trees are awesome.

I knew I could count on you for research. Maybe I could learn to cook with alfalfa. But is it gluten-free?

I had forgotten that you lived there! I'm liking the microderm abrasion idea - so that's the secret to why you still look as young as you did in high school! :-)

You're such a sweetie! Thanks for the props - we'll see if I can keep it up. I have issues with consistency . . .

It's kind of spooky that you can imagine Steve saying that, because Steve has said that, on many occasions! Real Genius is one of his all-time favorite movies. ("It's a moral imperative!")

You do realize that if we do move to the desert, Steve will do everything in his power to convince you guys to move there with us! Just preparing you.

Hmmm. I think I need to come visit you to learn more about the beauties of the desert. What do you think?

Those are fantastic dreams! And I have absolutely no doubt that you could pull them off beautifully. I love and admire that quality in both you and Noelle - I was just thinking today of the two of you surprising me with the trip to Montreal for my birthday. One of my very favorite memories from my time in NYC!

C Jane,
You are a better woman than I. I just really, really, really hate being anything more than comfortably warm. But maybe if our super awesome house had super awesome air conditioning . . .

Emmie said...

Emily Anne,
I always love reading your blog, so thank you for visiting mine and thinking I'm funny.

Annette Lyon said...

As long as he doesn't get a job offer in the Antarctic.

rebrob said...

(I love that you always comment on our comments! It makes me feel so cool.:))

Jen said...

This sounds eerily similar to the conversation with my husband that began something like "You know, I've always wanted to be a camp director, what would you think of living in a little tiny house on the edge of a lake on top of a mountain?" And so, here I am, in a little tiny house on the edge of a lake on top of the blue ridge mountains. Living one's (or one's spouse's dreams) does lend to excitement in life, and as has been mentioned, there is good and bad. I'm with you on the heat thing. I'm working on a couple more window air conditioners for next summer in my tiny house on the mountain. The lakes are lovely though . . .

Azúcar said...

I have an E.U. passport, meaning we could legally live and work anywhere in the E.U. The south of France, Moldova, you name it.

I have yet to convince Other Half that yes, it really IS a good idea.

Not even the promise of having our third baby (this is not an announcement) on the Spanish government and our housing paid for (because we'd qualify for "large family" exemptions) will entice him to leave.

So, I'm with Stuvey on this one.

If you move the to Mojave, move close enough to Palm Springs that I can come out on a golfing vacation.