Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Snider Friend

I was wondering why my statcounter registered a gazillion hits today until I noticed that many of my blog's visitors were linking from the venerable Eric D. Snider's website. Eric and I have a unique and special relationship, for I believe I am the only person who has ever made him walk at least 40 more New York City blocks than he had to, all because I thought a restaurant was somewhere where it wasn't. Not only did Eric forgive me for making him walk those 40 unnecessary blocks (at least, I think he did), but his website has provided me with countless hours of entertainment, especially during interminable temp jobs where the only things standing between me and a slow death from boredom were his Snide Remarks and theater review archives.  

So Eric, I salute you, and I'm truly flattered to be mentioned on your blog.  And if you have a statcounter/tracker thingy, and ever wonder who in the world is browsing your really old theater reviews and angry letters, well, now you know that you are keeping that person from throwing herself out the window of her latest temp job, as well as keeping her from getting any actual work done.  And I hope that makes you proud.

Ever your fan,



AzĂșcar said...

I'm just shocked that anyone got Eric to walk more than 40 feet.

Jannah (Ferguson) Au said...

Congratulations, for you to be listed as funny by the illustrious Mr. Snider is quite a feat, I would be tempted to put it on my resume.

I myself owe him a debt of gratitude, not only did he write a very nice review of a show I was in "over to the Y" but he chose to include his old reviews on his website, thus giving me (and countless others I am sure) a legitimate listing on many search engines.

Thank you Eric for giving all the little people a record of their 0.15 seconds of quasi fame!

Thank you Emmie for preventing me from actually cleaning my house!

TnD said...

I must see his blog then. I also need countless hours of entertainment. Where is his link?

~j. said...

Dear Eric D,

Also reading your archives: people involved in life at the byu who also hate the byu.


Emmie said...

T -
Click on the word "website" in my post, and you shall be directed there forthwith.

Rebekah & Mike said...

I, like Eric, am a big fan of the three postings he referred to on your blog.