Monday, March 10, 2008

Deprivation Dedication

Would you like to hear about the anti-inflammation diet I started a week ago? I'm sure it will be FASCINATING to all of you, and you'd like pages and pages of details, but just in case you don't have a lot of time to read right now, I'll sum it up:

No wheat, oats, dairy, sugar, red meat, potatoes, or tomatoes.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Thankfully, I already have the no wheat part down. You should try my gluten-free brownies with fresh whipped cream! Oh, wait. I can't have dairy. Or sugar. But don't you worry about me! While you're trying my gluten-free brownies with fresh whipped cream, I'll just be over here enjoying a nice big bowl of brown rice topped with . . . rice. And lettuce. And celery.

Actually, all self-deprivation aside, I'm really excited about the results I'm seeing after only 7 days. I'm doing this to help my gimpy knee be less gimpy, and it's really working. So I'm committed to it. I am steadfast and immovable.

But tonight, after I made my husband a sun-dried tomato alfredo sauce with basil and pine nuts, and he poured it over his big bowl of penne pasta and sprinkled the whole thing with freshly grated parmesan cheese, I must admit that I shed a few gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, red meat-free, potato-free, tomato-free tears.


Jannah said...

Oh Em,
take comfort in the fact that if the world is coming to an end, and food becomes scarce, and we are all eating only what we have in food storage (for me that means SPAM and green beans) the rest of us will be suffering, feeling the loss and deprivation, but you,
YOU will be able to laugh it off and say
"You think this is hard? you should try the anti-inflammation diet!"

TmeggenT said...

The tomato-free part of it shouldn't be too hard for you, since you don't like tomatoes very much! °Ü° Maybe I should try this diet for my gimpy knee too . . . maybe. Maybe.

TnD said...

I am suffering enough with just cutting out daily dessert, except for my once a week binge. Just like you Em to be raising the bar.

Matthew said...

Does this work for overall inflammation - say 25 lbs. or so...? Just wondering.

Noelle said...

At work, we locked up all the chocolate and goodies for two months during our little weight loss challenge. And amazingly, we all did really well. However: 1. the occasional wheat or dairy or sugar food would sneak in and 2. it was only for two months. So now that it's over you should see the crazy chocolate binges happening here. Cakes galore, big pasta lunches - it's really scary. I do miss living by you because your worst eating day is probably better than my best!! Your diet sounds like just what I need. Ohhh- maybe you could open an Emmie retreat and we could come check in for awhile!

Dianna said...

Our dearest Em, you have been through so much deprivation for the sake of health! You are my hero, and yet I will weep with you. When I did that cleansing diet in 1995 during The Three Sisters, I had to avoid all nightshade foods for weeks, and it was quite difficult. I hear your heart (and stomach!)

Emmie said...

Thank you for the sympathy, friends! And Matt - I'm so sorry to hear about your 25 lbs. of inflammation. :-) I am certain that this diet would help you in ridding your body of those pesky pounds. Here's an easy way to follow the plan: if a food item sounds remotely good to you in the slightest, don't eat it.

Annette Lyon said...

I bow to your dedication.

As I eat chocolate.