Saturday, May 03, 2008


Hi there. Remember me? The girl who was going to post often and regularly? Did I mention that I'm really bad at consistency?

It's been a wonderful, crazy few weeks. Most of my family flew to Orange County for a mini family reunion, and it was one of the most delightful weeks of my life. Nephews and nieces experiencing Disneyland for the first time, long, lazy days at the beach, lunch at Ruby's Diner on Balboa Pier (complete with dolphin sightings and obnoxiously aggressive pigeons), and just generally hanging out with some of the people I love most in the world.

We also found out that Steve was accepted to his top choice engineering program, which means we're moving to San Diego! Like, soon. Like, next month. We've been hoping and planning for this since last August, so it was a huge relief and super duper exciting to finally get the official yes from the university. Now I can finally start to make plans, as opposed to sort of making plans that were contingent upon something which may or may not happen. Making plans is always more enjoyable than sort of making plans, wouldn't you agree?

Top it all off with the fact that I now have a cold which seems to have settled quite snugly into my lungs, and it is truly the best and the worst of times.

Anyway, that's me. How are things with you?


Annette Lyon said...

Congrats! I absolutely despise moving; it's a miserable process. I hope that when it's all done, you'll love where you end up.

AzĂșcar said...

Well we wanted to come visit you but San Diego? That's too far. Way farther than the O.C.

Oh well.

Dad, Mom & Baby said...

I thought you said San Diego. I should have known better than to truct Shirly with the "No, they are moving to Salt Lake, not San Diego"

Anyways, how are you? Can i count reading your blog and you reading my blog visiting teaching? hehe. j/k.

I will miss your wittiness. Oh wait, nevermind. Hello. We blog.

Emmie said...

Thanks, babe! I'm trying to pretend that all of our stuff will somehow magically arrive at our new apartment without me actually having to pack it. We'll see how long I can procrastinate the packing
process. . .

Some friend you are.

Don't you love ward rumors? I had a bunch of people congratulate me on the big move to Salt Lake last Sunday. And of COURSE reading each other's blogs counts as visiting teaching! Blogging is the visiting teaching of the future! :-) Seriously, though, I am going to be so sad to leave our ward. I'm glad I'll be able to stay in touch with you through the blogosphere!

thedoodlegirl said...

Wow, life doesn't really slow down for you much does it?! One day you're at Disneyland and the next you're on the silver screen. Whaddaya know! I'm truly sorry about your cold, though. I just got over a two-week nightmare of a cold. I could not sleep at all because I could NOT BREATHE. It was awful. Did I mention it was awful? I hope it clears up soon!! I hope the moving plans are going well. San Diego sounds like a delightful place to live!! Love you, Reb (TFT!)

Dianna said...

That's such great news (the Steve acceptance thingy, not the cold and having to move thingy)! Anyway, I'm delighted that you can make plans with greater confidence!

We're fine, thanks for asking. I still have this large, pulsating bump on me, but I hope to endure only a week or two more of this. And then there'll be the extreme difficulty of childbirth and the recovery and sleep deprevation that will follow, but hey, I can't complain. :)

But seriously, thanks for the comment regarding names, and now that you've mentioned it, Em, I'm not sure that I want my son to speak with a Jamaican accent. I mean, if we were Jamaican...well, you know... But I have a sister who lives in Ohio and who speaks with an Arkansas accent (even though she has never lived in Arkansas and only married a man from Arkansas), and I don't like that very much. Please tell me that Katie doesn't have a Texas drawl or anything. It would comfort me. :)

Have a great week, Em!

samiam said...

I'm so happy you can stop mentally treading water and can make semi-real plans ('cause let's face it--life really is what happens when you make other plans). Congrats!

cotton_in_the_medicine_bottles said...

How're the plans going?
Moving stinks. I haven't done it in 9 years.
Does the Globe want you back?