Monday, September 08, 2008

La Vida La Jolla

As some of you may know, my husband and I moved to San Diego a few weeks ago. I love San Diego. I really do. But tonight I learned that it has seriously unrealistic expectations of my fitness level.

In an attempt to get into better shape, Steve and I have been taking nightly walks. On these walks, we noticed the entrance to what looked like a lovely walking path, and tonight we decided to try it out. We'd only gone a few steps when we noticed that there were signs posted every 100 feet or so. We soon discovered that this was no ordinary walking path, but rather a “Fit-Trail.” Each Fit-Trail sign asked us to do certain fitness-related things, and, being the amiable sort of people that we are, we decided to comply. The first one was no problem:

The second request from Fit-Trail required kicking my leg a little higher than I have in a while, but I gave it my best shot:

And this is the third sign we encountered: