Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I always seem to fall ill in the fall. Almost every autumn I can remember - from the glorious October I spent walking the tree-lined streets of Montreal, wading through maple leaves as big as dinner plates, to the brisk, windy Manhattan evenings in November, to the long days in Provo where the delicious scent of wood smoke fills the air and all seems right with the world - almost all of those autumns were accompanied by sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, and a big thermos of lemon tea with honey that accompanied me to many a play rehearsal. (Did I just write the longest sentence you've ever read in your life?)

I always seemed to find myself in a play in autumn, and I almost always managed to get sick during the run of the show. That is, until I entered grad school, where I stayed miraculously sniffle-free, despite the fact that I was more stressed out and sleep-deprived than I'd ever been in my whole livin' life. I remember congratulating myself on my non-sickly state one day as I drove to school, only to be rear-ended on the freeway. That night, I showed up for the performance with whiplash, and spent the next several hours walking around the stage like an attractively costumed robot. I couldn't turn my head without moving my whole body to follow it, but I did my best to incorporate the stiffness into my performance. I thought I'd done a pretty good job of it, too, until I found out a rep from one of the local newspapers had been in the audience, and the review came out the next day with this sentence:

"Emmelyn looks totally uncomfortable on stage."

At least it was an accurate assessment.

It's been several falls now since I've been in a play. The reasons for this are various, and could perhaps make up a blog entry of their own some day, or at least a sentence longer than the one above. However, I've just been cast once more, and I'm just getting over a case of the sniffles. I'm hoping that I've stored up some sort of good karma over these last few years that I haven't been in a show; these years of soul-searching and making tough-yet-for-the-best decisions, and that the cold and flu fairy will see fit to pass me by. But if not, I'm stocking up on Lemon Zinger and honey, and thanking my lately-quite-lucky stars that I get to participate in my favorite autumn pastime; that I get to do something I love to do at any time of year, but especially in the fall.