Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vivi's Debut

Up until the day my doctor told me it wasn't advisable, I'd been planning on a natural childbirth. The stack of books on my nightstand bore witness to this resolution - I was even reading Birthing from Within, despite a) its title and b) its instruction to "ask your cervix to open like a flower of love."

But surgery became necessary for several reasons, and the procedure ended up being much more extensive and complicated than originally anticipated. Vivienne was born quickly and was perfectly healthy, but I lost a lot of blood during the two hours of surgery that followed, and the anesthesia started to wear off before they were finished. This prompted me to ask what the surgeons were doing at that moment, and I think I can safely say that "Well, they're putting your uterus back in" is a sentence I hope never to hear again in my lifetime. Especially when the anesthesia is wearing off.

But throughout the entire experience and my recovery, we have been blessed beyond measure. Skilled surgeons, the love and generosity of family and friends, the power of the priesthood, the comfort and guidance of the Spirit; we have been watched over and cared for in all the best ways. And the end result is this:

Which makes it so much more than worth it.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

And Only Three

I’ve recently determined that there are only three things you should say to a pregnant woman:

1. You look fantastic!

2. Would you like to sit down?

3. Here’s a cookie.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

See: Difference

I bought my first pair of maternity pants this weekend, and I feel like a new woman. A new woman who wears unflattering pants.

Have I told you I work in a high-rise building? I've learned through sad experience that elevator travel inevitably leads to elevator small talk. For example, today's exchange with the man standing next to me as I rode to the 20th floor:

After traveling up 10 floors in silence,

Man: "Well, it's Wednesday."


Me: "Yes. Wednesday."

And we rode up the remaining 8 floors in silence.

Speaking of work, one of my co-workers says "discrepancy" when she means "discretion." As in, "Well, I'll just leave that up to your discrepancy." I'm left wondering to which discrepancy she might be referring. It's a mystery.

Perhaps she's referring to the discrepancy between regular pants and maternity pants.