Wednesday, January 06, 2010

See: Difference

I bought my first pair of maternity pants this weekend, and I feel like a new woman. A new woman who wears unflattering pants.

Have I told you I work in a high-rise building? I've learned through sad experience that elevator travel inevitably leads to elevator small talk. For example, today's exchange with the man standing next to me as I rode to the 20th floor:

After traveling up 10 floors in silence,

Man: "Well, it's Wednesday."


Me: "Yes. Wednesday."

And we rode up the remaining 8 floors in silence.

Speaking of work, one of my co-workers says "discrepancy" when she means "discretion." As in, "Well, I'll just leave that up to your discrepancy." I'm left wondering to which discrepancy she might be referring. It's a mystery.

Perhaps she's referring to the discrepancy between regular pants and maternity pants.


Meggen said...

Ah, yes! Good, old maternity pants. Aren't they fun! Although, you can find some really cute, trendy looking ones at some of those specialty maternity stores. I haven't shopped in one for over a DECADE, but it may be worth a look. You may have to save you pennies, though, because I seem to remember they cost an arm and a leg!

You'll have to post some pictures of your growing belly all along the way. Those of us who are far away want to see the progressing development of this little one!

Meggen said...

Oh, one more thing! When my sister was pregnant she had this cute little count-down to the birth of her baby thing on the side of her blog. She found it somewhere online. You should put something like that up so we can all count down with you! ;)

Liz in New York said...

You are so delightful that words fail us.

Except these: is it sad that I walk past "Motherhood Maternity" and look at all the new styles and think how awesome they are?

A little.