Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Wish Your Heart Makes

Last night I dreamt I went to Village Inn again.

Normally I wouldn't discuss my dreams with anyone other than Steve or my mom. I mean, I think they're sometimes kind of interesting, but would you find them interesting? Probably not. For example, I have a recurring dream in which I'm trying to dial someone's number on my blackberry but I keep hitting the wrong numbers, so I have to hang up and start over, and I become increasingly frustrated and upset, and it probably has some deep psychological meaning, but do you really want to hear about it?  (Too late.)  And maybe all it means is that I'd rather have an iPhone.

However, this particular dream brought to my attention the significant role Village Inn has played in my life. 

For example:
  • It was at Village Inn that my BYU theatre friends and I gathered after many a curtain call to eat waxy pie, trade inside jokes, forge temporary romantic entanglements, and burn off post-play adrenaline.  We were all clever and young and hilarious and thinner than we thought we were.  (Also, we were probably annoying and I hope we tipped well.) 
  • It was over watery Village Inn hot chocolate that my first boyfriend confessed to me he still wasn't over his ex-girlfriend. (In a surprising turn of events, this very same ex-girlfriend would later become SPOILER ALERT my sister-in-law!)
  • Over another late-night Village Inn meal I realized that, although the aforementioned boyfriend and I had been dating for three months, our dates were always after play rehearsals and I had yet to see him in actual daylight. (Which, now that I think about it, was kind of a metaphor for our relationship.) (Or maybe he was a vampire??)
  •  After Steve met my family for the first time and was (good-naturedly) interrogated at length by my youngest brother, I took him to Village Inn to help replenish his strength.  During his inaugural visit, he ate the following: 
    • French dip sandwich
    • Bowl of clam chowder
    • Belgian waffle
    • Half my salad
    • Rootbeer
    • Chocolate shake
  •  And that night he slept like a baby.
After this trip down Village Inn lane, I decided to go on the online to check out their website (a website unheard of during my younger BYU days!)  And I must say, I was impressed.  I learned all about "Pie Rush Wednesday" and "My V.I.B." ("Village Inn-credible Meal"). They even have gift cards for "Mom's Special Day!"  (Maybe next year, Mom!)

They also have an interactive menu which they state is the "next best thing to being at Village Inn."  I take issue with that statement, as we all know the next best thing to being at Village Inn is being at Denny's, or possibly Applebee's.

But let's return to my dream.  In it, I and my BYU actor friends were gathered in a large booth, all of us reincarnated as our younger, thinner-than-we-thought-we-were selves.  Some of us were wearing overalls, and we were exuberant and hilarious and seemed to be having a wonderful time.  I can't remember much else about the dream (except I think Alan Rickman was there?), but as I reflected on it today, I had a fleeting wish that I could somehow gather all those same friends together at Village Inn once more.

But that would involve a lot of plane tickets and babysitting, so I guess I'll just have to keep on dreaming. 


Donlu D said...

But ... maybe we could do next Mother's Day? A close second? Sometimes, I have to admit, I really miss your young life. Including your dreams.

Azúcar said...

We used to go to Village Inn AFTER our shift serving at another restaurant. I'm not sure the logic behind this: leaving one restaurant to gather at another one? Only this time it was 3am and the food was worse?

(It was also really fun.)

Emmie said...

Azúcar, did you once work at Galaxy Diner? Or am I making that up?

Annette Lyon said...

Sounds a bit like Training Table was for us during high school.

Also: I have the same failed dialing dream. If you ever figure out the deep psychological meaning, be sure to let me know. Or, you know, if it's freaky, don't.

Azúcar said...

I sure did, Emmie!

TnD said...

I dreamed that I was driving a moped to Utah the other night with four people on it and baby D squashed somewhere in between. I woke up to find Dave, Claire, Kennedy and me all squished in the same queen size bed. Sometimes dreams are just creative reality. I think you need a trip to Village in.

Carolyn said...

Great post! I especially love the details about what Steve ate, the overalls, and Alan Rickman. :)

Jen said...

Name the V.I. and the day . . . I'm in. Although I don't think I ever gathered at V.I. with you--it was always Galaxy . . . I did V.I. wayyyy too much in high school.